“The devil is in the details”

Two things I always tell my brides - or anyone, to be honest - to do is never comprise on is their decor, and photography (of course :D)
Good decor set the ambiance, and WILL make your photos better. Which often leads to the “What is Good Decor?” question. To me, good decor is simple and consistent - from colour pallet to the arrangement of the chairs to how even the napkins are folded; It’s transforming space without making the place feel crowded. Ventilation is key, and light is ever-so-important. Good decor is paying attention to details.

Decor by Steller Surge
Dome at Elimol Event Court

Photography by Me

Hats and Courts - Fashion Editorial

“Yesterday, the model’s dad came on set and stayed for the entire period. The day before the model had a run-in with neighborhood boys during another shoot. His dad heard and wasn’t having none of that! When Dad came on set, his son was wearing a skirt, black pantyhose, and a hat.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my very stereotypical father will NOT be laughing if he sees me wearing a skirt at home, much more in the middle of Jamestown. But this dad didn’t say jack. At some point he tells his son to relax and suggested poses which accentuate the skirt.

You could visibly see some pressure liftoff the model. It was moving to witness this…this energy! man. I want to be like this father when I’ve babies of my own. ”

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